Tenderloin Christmas Hustler: TCH Productions' popular parody of Christmas Classics

In 2008, TCH Productions debut their show at the San Francisco Fringe Festival to wide appeal. Seeing the local audience eyes light up with childlike glee as two Tenderloin Christmas hustlers "ice skate" their way into their hearts, the producing team knew they had to expand the story to a full legnth, annual holiday treat. From that Fall debut, a second act was developed and by December the show was in full swing at the Phoenix Theater on Mason Street in San Francisco. The success of that run lead to a second year at Stage Werx on Suttter Street, mixing it up with late shows and prime time performances.

This is one example of what Seraphim is about: to develop creative projects from the ground up and see them to fruition. From Marlowe to Mad-Cap elfin hustlers, our minds are open to the possibilities.




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Creigh Design debuts eyewear accessories with Seraphim





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