Conceived by friends and co-workers at a local record store, Seraphim has always meant to be a voice of how art is created and perceived through the new media of the 21st Century. The first meeting ran the gamut from phone tree information and online magazine, to solely a theater producing entity. Noticing the speed of changing technolgies, which allowed anyone and everyone to have a blog or social network page, it became clear that the best course of action was to become more of a flexible catalyst for cultural endeavors.

As the internet pushed new distribution models, where both local and international audiences collide, how our culture expresses itself has new meaning. Outside of film and cinema, many arts sectors might seem anachronistic when these new technologies pull focus and compete for this wider audience. SERAPHIM is most interested in how arts of all diciplines remain relevant, while reminding our culture of our collective historical past. These collegues that contribute to our work will be listed on these pages as they're participation grows. For now, Director Demetrius Martin will remain the principle contact.


DEMETRIUS MARTIN works both as a technology professional and an arts producer, director, writer, and actor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specific resume and background information can be obtained by clicking on the Contact page above.

TODD PICERING is a San Francisco Bay Area actor, writer, and producer who appeared in the SERAPHIM production of Edward II in February 2007. He is currently a co-presenter and producer of Tenderloin Christmas Hustler.

JAKE EASTMAN is a writer who lives in San Francisco. He is also a co-presenter and producer of Tenderloin Christmas Hustler


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